Unsolicited Calls

What to do if you receive calls from unregulated overseas brokers…

Unsolicited Calls

From time to time we receive calls from clients concerned that they have received unsolicited calls from brokers trying to win their business.

This unethical practice is frequently carried out by unregulated or overseas brokers and unfortunately it appears UK investors have been targeted across the industry. The FCA is aware of this practice and warns against dealing with such firms, or “Boiler Rooms” as they more commonly known, as investors will not get the protection of the UK compensation and complaint schemes.

We would like to reassure our clients that Beaufort Securities operates strict Client Confidentiality and Data Protection policies and under no circumstances do we ever improperly disclose confidential information or data about our clients. If you are contacted by such persons, however, please let us know about it immediately. Alternatively, the FCA’s website provides a list of unauthorised firms, individuals and investment scams – click here to visit the FCA website.

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