How do I send you share certificates?

To send share certificates to be lodged in an Beaufort Securities account you need to download, print and complete a CREST Transfer Form. Once completed, please send the form(s) along with your certificate(s) to:


How do I transfer shares to you from another broker?

To arrange an electronic transfer from another broker to Beaufort Securities you need to download, print, complete and send us a Transfer In Form. We will then contact your current broker. If you only wish to carry out a partial transfer from another broker to Beaufort (i.e. selected stocks) please download, print, complete and send us a Partial Transfer In Form.

This process usually takes up to 10 working days.

Can I hold my existing shares in my account?

Yes. Your shares will be held on a CREST nominee account for safe and easy access. This will enable you to see from your portfolio exactly how many shares you hold and to be able to sell when you want without delay and not face the risk of losing your certificates in the post when you do want to trade. To lodge shares onto your account send us your certificate(s) and the appropriate completed Crest Transfer Form (see above) and we will arrange the rest.

Do you charge for keeping my shares?

No. The CREST nominee account is free!