Our Personal Information and Data Protection Policy is set out below.

Use of Your Information

Details of Your application and any credit reference search that (‘Our’, ‘Us’ and ‘We’) carry out with licensed credit reference and fraud prevention agencies will be added to Our records and will be shared with other organisations that make searches and used by Us and them to:

  1. Help make decisions about credit and credit related services, for You and members of Your household;
  2. Help make decisions on credit and other proposals, for You and members of Your household;
  3. Trace debtors, recover debts, prevent fraud, and to manage Your accounts;
  4. Check Your identity to prevent money laundering.

It is important that You give Us accurate details. We will check Your details with fraud prevention agencies and if You give Us false or inaccurate information and We suspect fraud, We will record this. Preventing fraud in online casinos is paramount to maintaining trust and integrity. 주요 파워볼 사이트 employ robust security measures such as encryption technology, identity verification protocols, and anti-fraud systems to safeguard player information and transactions. Regular audits and strict adherence to regulatory standards further ensure a fair and secure gaming environment.

The information You provide in Your application, We obtain from You (including that relating to the operation of Your Account), We obtain from organisations which are not connected with and regarding the progress of Your application (‘information’), will be stored on computer or in any other way and will be Used by Us together with any other information We hold about You:

  1. To enable Us to develop, improve and market Our products and services to You and Our other customers;
  2. For market research and statistical analysis; and
  3. For general business purposes and as otherwise permitted in law.

We will analyse and assess Your information (which will include an analysis and assessment of Your transactions and how and when You Use Your Account) to enable Us to:

  1. Understand more about You; and
  2. Design, select and offer products and services (including those of organisations which are not connected with ) which We consider may be of interest to You.

We may tell You about products or services or invite You to take part in offers, of Ours and other organisations which are not connected with which We consider may be of interest to You. We may do this by post, by telephone (including by way of automatic dialling by fax), by e-mail or via Our Web site. If You do not wish to receive this information, please confirm this in writing to Us. Please note that if You do so, We will not be able to tell You about products, services or various offers that may benefit You. We will, of course, continue to inform You about any important changes to the terms under which Your Account is operated.

We may at any time give Your information to:

  1. Any organisation who introduced You to Us or Us to You or who act on Your or Our behalf, on the basis it is kept confidential;
  2. Any organisation who provides a service to Us relating to Your Account or any agreement You may have with Us, on the basis it is kept confidential;
  3. Debt collection agencies, legal advisors or other organisations who may assist Us following any default or failure by You to keep to the terms of Your Account or any agreement You may have with Us.

You are entitled, on payment of a fee, to a copy of the details and information We hold about You if You contact Us in writing. You may obtain details of the credit reference and fraud prevention agencies from whom We obtain and to whom We pass Your information (please call Us on ).

From time to time We may need to transfer Your information to a country (or countries) outside of the United Kingdom (including a country (or countries) outside of the European Economic Area).

Use of ‘Cookies’ on Our Website – EU Privacy & Electronic Communications Directive

When You visit the Beaufort Securities website, ‘cookies’ will be stored on Your computer’s hard drive. ‘Cookies’ are small pieces of information that are stored on Your computer’s hard drive by Your browser, which allow Us to store Your details and provide features to enhance and improve Your visits to the Beaufort Securities website. We use cookies on Our website to ensure that when You log into Your account that You are the account holder and ensure Your account security. Most browsers allow the cookie function to be turned off. If You want to know how to do this please look at the help menu on Your browser. As We are defined as a ‘Transactional’ site under the directive We will be unable to offer You Online account services if You remove the cookies from Your computer as You will be unable to use the site securely.

To find out more about the Cookies which are used by the www.beaufortsecurities.com website and what they are used for, please read ‘Privacy & Cookies‘.

All telephone calls are recorded and may also be monitored for training purposes.