Telephone calls from companies claiming to be working with Beaufort

We have recently been notified by some Beaufort clients that they have received telephone calls from individuals claiming to represent companies called either ‘IGX’ or ‘IG Group’, stating that they are working with Beaufort.  We can categorically state that Beaufort has no relationship with these companies and would advise any clients who receive a phone call of this nature to terminate the call immediately without divulging any personal information.

Beaufort does have a partnership with the IG Markets Ltd in relation to CFD trading, but we would still recommend that you contact Beaufort in the first instance should you receive communication from any third party company claiming to be working with us.

We have reported the matter to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a potential scam and we would advise that any clients who do receive a communication of this nature should complete the ‘Report a scam or unauthorised firm’ form on the FCA’s website here.

Important information which may be useful to note if you receive such a call includes:

  • The date and time the phone call was received;
  • The telephone number the call was received from (if available);
  • The name of the individual making the call;
  • The name of the company they claimed to represent.

We would also be grateful if you could let Beaufort know if you receive a telephone call of this nature, either by contacting your designated broker directly or by speaking to our Compliance department on 020 7382 8300.

6th December 2017