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Serving clients in the North East & Cumbria

North East Office

Beaufort is proud to serve investors in the North East and Cumbria from its Newcastle office.

We provide the full range of investment services meaning we have a solution for you regardless of your goal, your attitude to risk and the sum you wish to invest.

Our discretionary service caters for those who prefer to delegate responsibility for the management of their investments to an experienced portfolio manager. We take time to understand your needs and construct a bespoke portfolio which is reflective of them. As a major determinant of investment returns, overall cost is strictly controlled, and our rules-based, disciplined process achieves attractive returns whilst eliminating the costly emotional and behavioural biases so prevalent in portfolio management, making for a smoother journey.

If you wish to have the final say in your investment decisions, our proactive advisory service caters for short, medium and long term strategies at competitive trading costs. Our analysts continually identify undervalued shares, ‘turnaround’ situations and IPOs, and we cover stocks from across the market cap spectrum, from ISDX and AIM through to the blue chips.

Beyond investment management, Beaufort’s Capital Markets team have a wealth of experience in raising capital for small and medium sized enterprises, and providing liquidity via our large network of retail investors. We would be delighted to speak to companies seeking a capital-raising solution.

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