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Rolls-Royce HoldingsAerospace & DefenceSpeculative Buy09/06/2015View
China New EnergyAlternative EnergySpeculative Buy19/12/2011View
Wasabi EnergyAlternative EnergySpeculative Buy24/11/2010View
Auhua Clean EnergyAlternative EnergyBuy26/09/2012View
Auhua Clean EnergyAlternative EnergyBuy16/07/2013View
Auhua Clean EnergyAlternative EnergySpeculative Buy28/01/2014View
Auhua Clean EnergyAlternative EnergySpeculative Buy10/02/2014View
IlikaAlternative EnergySpeculative Buy02/10/2014View
AFC EnergyAlternative EnergySpeculative Buy15/10/2014View
Lloyds Banking GroupBankingBuy05/09/2011View
Royal Bank of ScotlandBankingHold11/09/2011View
Standard Chartered BankingBuy05/09/2011View
Tiziana Life SciencesBiotechSpeculative Buy28/04/2014View
Tiziana Life SciencesBiotechSpeculative Buy19/05/2014View
Tiziana Life SciencesBiotechSpeculative Buy30/06/2014View
PhysiomicsBiotech/Medical ServicesSpeculative Buy05/04/2011View
Fusion IPBiotech/Medical ServicesSpeculative Buy28/03/2013View
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