iPhone App Guide

Guide on how to use the Beaufort Portfolio iPhone App

iPhone App Guide

Download the App now!

To download the Beaufort Portfolio app on iTunes, click here


Launching the App
 To launch the App on your iPhone simply tap the ‘Beaufort’ icon that looks like this: 

Logging In 

When the App opens you will see the PIN screen. The first time you run the App you will need to enter your Beaufort Online Share Dealing Username, this is the same username you access our website with.

To enter your username tap the in the top right of the PIN screen and this will take you into Setup.

On the Setup screen enter your username, which will be ‘starred’ (*****) out for your security, and tap . This will save your username and return you to the PIN screen. If can change your username at any time simply follow the same steps.

Now simply enter the same PIN you use to access your accounts online and tap to access your accounts.

Pin screen

Setup Screen

Viewing your Summary

Once you are logged in the first screen you see is your summary giving you an overall view of your holdings and cash with Beaufort. If you have both a Beaufort Account and a Stocks and Shares ISA they will both be displayed. 

Summary Screen

Viewing your Portfolio

Your portfolio gives you a full listing of stocks held in your account as well as available cash. You can tap various sections of the screen to reveal more information about your holdings.

Portfolio Screen

Viewing your Statement

Your statement gives you a full listing of the cash movements on your accounts. Depending on the type of transaction the details shown will change. You can scroll up and down to view more transactions.

Statement Screen

Viewing your Orders

The Orders screen gives you access to Manage your existing Limit Orders or Place a new At Best or Limit Order.

Orders Screen

Managing your Limit Orders

The Manage Limit Orders screen gives you a list of existing Active Limits on your account. Tap any order to see more details or amend it.

Orders Screen

Amending your Limit Orders

When you tap on a Limit Orders in the Manage Limit Orders screen you will have the option to change as many of the details as you wish. Limits amended or created either online or on the iPhone are shown in both places.

Amend Limit Screen

Place an Order

The Place Order screen allows you to place a new order on your account. Tap each section to complete the details.

Place Order Screen

Confirm your Order

The Confirm Order screen gives you a live quote from the market and 15 seconds to accept it. If you are happy with the price then tap Accept.

Confirm Order Screen

Trade Confirmation

The trade confirmation screen shows you that the trade has been successful and the details of the trade. When you return to your portfolio you will see your holding adjusted accordingly

Trade Confirm Screen

Download the App now!

To download the Beaufort Portfolio app on iTunes, click here

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