Forward diary: 6th – 10th June 2016

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Monday 6th June          
Tuesday 7th June          
Wednesday 8th June          
7:00am J Sainsbury 4.9bn SBRY.L Consumer Staples Q1 2017
Thursday 9th June          
Bellway 3.3bn BWY.L Consumer Discretionary Q3 2016
Home Retail Group 1.3bn HOME.L Consumer Discretionary Q1 2017
Friday 10th June          

Economic releases








Monday 6th June        
7:00am Germany Factory Orders m-o-m% April 1.9 -0.5
7:00am Germany Factory Orders WDA y-o-y% April 1.7 0.2
8:30am Germany Markit Construction PMI Index May 53.4
9:00am UK New Car Registrations y-o-y% May 2.0
9:10am Germany Markit Retail PMI Index May 51.0
9:10am Eurozone Markit Retail PMI Index May 47.9
9:30am Eurozone Sentix Investor Confidence Index Jun 6.2 7.0
3:00pm US Labor Market Conditions Index Change Index May -0.9
Tuesday 7th June        
0:01am UK BRC Sales Like-For-Like y-o-y% May -0.9
7:00am Germany Industrial Production SA m-o-m% April -1.3 0.6
7:00am Germany Industrial Production WDA y-o-y% April 0.3 0.9
8:30am UK Halifax House Prices m-o-m% May -0.8
8:30am UK Halifax House Price 3m/yr% May 9.2
10:00am Eurozone GDP SA q-o-q% Q1 2016 0.5 0.5
10:00am Eurozone GDP SA y-o-y% Q1 2016 1.5 1.5
10:00am Eurozone Gross Fix Cap q-o-q% Q1 2016 1.3 1.2
10:00am Eurozone Govt Expend q-o-q% Q1 2016 0.6 0.3
10:00am Eurozone Household Cons q-o-q% Q1 2016 0.2 0.5
1:30pm US Nonfarm Productivity q-o-q% Q1 2016 -1.0 -0.6
1:30pm US Unit Labor Costs q-o-q% Q1 2016 4.1 4.0
3:00pm US IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index June 48.7
8:00pm US Consumer Credit US$bn April 29.6 18.0
Wednesday 8th June        
9:30am UK Industrial Production m-o-m% April 0.3 0.1
9:30am UK Industrial Production y-o-y% April -0.2 -0.3
9:30am UK Manufacturing Production m-o-m% April 0.1 0.0
9:30am UK Manufacturing Production y-o-y% April -1.9 -1.3
12:00pm US MBA Mortgage Applications w-o-w% 3rd June -4.1
8:00pm UK NIESR GDP Estimate % May 0.3
3:00pm US JOLTS Job Openings Thousands April 5,757.0
Thursday 9th June        
0:01am UK RICS House Price Balance Index May 41.0 39.0
7:00am Germany Trade Balance €bn April 26.2 21.3
7:00am Germany Current Account Balance €bn April 30.4
7:00am Germany Exports SA m-o-m% April 1.9 -0.9
7:00am Germany Imports SA m-o-m% April -2.3 1.2
7:00am Germany Labor Costs WDA y-o-y% Q1 2016 2.1
7:00am Germany Labor Costs SA q-o-q% Q1 2016 0.5
9:30am UK Visible Trade Balance £m April -11,204.0 -11,000.0
9:30am UK Trade Balance Non EU £m April -3,114.0 -3,100.0
9:30am UK Trade Balance £m April -3,830.0 -3,550.0
1:30pm US Initial Jobless Claims Thousands 4th June 267.0
1:30pm US Continuing Claims Thousands 28th May 2,172.0
3:00pm US Wholesale Inventories m-o-m% April 0.1 0.1
3:00pm US Wholesale Trade Sales m-o-m% April 0.7 1.3
5:00pm US Household Change in Net Worth US$bn Q1 2016 1,637.0
Friday 10th June        
7:00am Germany CPI m-o-m% May 0.3 0.3
7:00am Germany CPI y-o-y% May 0.1 0.1
7:00am Germany CPI EU Harmonized m-o-m% May 0.4 0.4
7:00am Germany CPI EU Harmonized y-o-y% May 0.0 0.0
9:30am UK Construction Output m-o-m% April -3.6
9:30am UK Construction Output y-o-y% April -4.5
9:30am UK BoE/TNS Inflation Next 12 Mths % May 1.8
3:00pm US U. of Mich. Sentiment Index June 94.7 94.5
3:00pm US U. of Mich. Current Conditions Index June 109.9
3:00pm US U. of Mich. Expectations Index June 84.9
3:00pm US U. of Mich. 1 Yr Inflation Index June 2.4
3:00pm US U. of Mich. 5-10 Yr Inflation Index June 2.5
7:00pm US Monthly Budget Statement US$bn May -60.5
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