Forward Diary: 26th – 30th September 2016

Companies reporting



Mkt. Cap. (£)




Expected sales (£)

Expected EPS (p)

Monday 26th September          
Carnival 26.3bn CCL.L Consumer Discretionary Q3 2016 US$5.0bn US$1.87
Tuesday 27th September          
7:00am Wolseley 11.0bn WOS.L Industrials FY 2016 14.3bn 246.88
9:30am Close Brothers Group 2.1bn CBG.L Financials FY 2016 693.9m 122.87
A.G. Barr 592.1m BAG.L Consumer Staples H1 2017
United Utilities Group 6.8bn UU/.L Utilities Q2 2017
Wednesday 28th September          
7:00am Smiths Group 5.4bn SMIN.L Industrials FY 2016 2.9bn 75.76
8:30am J Sainsbury 5.3bn SBRY.L Consumer Staples Q2 2017
Petropavlovsk 225.8m POG.L Materials H1 2016
Thursday 29th September          
Daily Mail & General 2.6bn DMGT.L Communications Q4 2016
Euromoney Institutional 1.5bn ERM.L Communications Q4 2016 103.9m
RPC 3.0bn RPC.L Materials Q2 2017
Imperial Brands 38.0bn IMB.L Consumer Staples Q4 2016 4.1bn 131.59
Friday 30th September          

Economic releases








Monday 26th September        
9:00am Germany IFO Business Climate Index September 106.2 106.2
9:00am Germany IFO Current Assessment Index September 112.8 113.0
9:00am Germany IFO Expectations Index September 100.1 100.0
9:30am UK BBA Loans for House Purchase Loans August 37,662.0 36,500.0
11:00am UK CBI Total Dist. Reported Sales Index September 17.0
3:00pm US New Home Sales Thousands August 654.0 597.0
3:00pm US New Home Sales m-o-m% August 12.4 -8.8
3:30pm US Dallas Fed Manf. Activity Index September -6.2 -3.0
Tuesday 27th September        
9:00am Eurozone M3 Money Supply y-o-y% August 4.8 4.9
9:00am UK CBI Retailing Reported Sales Index September 9.0
2:00pm US S&P CoreLogic CS US HPI SA m-o-m% July 0.2
2:00pm US S&P CoreLogic CS 20-City NSA Index Index July 189.9
2:00pm US S&P CoreLogic CS 20-City SA m-o-m% July -0.1 -0.1
2:00pm US S&P CoreLogic CS 20-City NSA y-o-y% July 5.1 5.0
2:00pm US S&P CoreLogic CS US HPI NSA Index Index July 182.4
2:00pm US S&P CoreLogic CS US HPI NSA y-o-y% July 5.1
2:45pm US Markit Services PMI Index September 51.0 51]
2:45pm US Markit Composite PMI Index September 51.5
3:00pm US Consumer Confidence Index Index September 101.1 98.5
3:00pm US Richmond Fed Manufact. Index Index September -11.0 -2.0
Wednesday 28th September        
7:00am Germany GfK Consumer Confidence Index October 10.2 10.2
12:00pm US MBA Mortgage Applications w-o-w% 23rd September -7.3
1:30pm US Durable Goods Orders m-o-m% August 4.4 -1.1
1:30pm US Durables Ex Transportation m-o-m% August 1.3 -0.5
1:30pm US Cap Goods Orders Nondef Ex Air m-o-m% August 1.5 0.0
1:30pm US Cap Goods Ship Nondef Ex Air m-o-m% August -0.5
Thursday 29th September        
8:55am Germany Unemployment Change Thousands September -7.0 -5.0
8:55am Germany Unemployment Claims % September 6.1 6.1
9:30am UK Net Consumer Credit £bn August 1.2 1.4
9:30am UK Net Lending Sec. on Dwellings £bn August 2.7 2.5
9:30am UK Mortgage Approvals Thousands August 60.9 59.8
9:30am UK Money Supply M4 m-o-m% August 1.2
9:30am UK M4 Money Supply y-o-y% August 3.9
9:30am UK M4 Ex IOFCs 3m% August 14.7
10:00am Eurozone Economic Confidence Index September 103.5 103.5
10:00am Eurozone Business Climate Indicator Index September 0.0 0.0
10:00am Eurozone Industrial Confidence Index September -4.4 -4.4
10:00am Eurozone Services Confidence Index September 10.0 10.1
10:00am Eurozone Consumer Confidence Index September -8.2
1:00pm Germany CPI m-o-m% September 0.0 0.0
1:00pm Germany CPI y-o-y% September 0.4 0.6
1:00pm Germany CPI EU Harmonized m-o-m% September -0.1 0.0
1:00pm Germany CPI EU Harmonized y-o-y% September 0.3 0.5
1:30pm US Advance Goods Trade Balance US$bn August -58.8 -62.7
1:30pm US Wholesale Inventories m-o-m% August 0.0 0.0
1:30pm US GDP Annualized q-o-q% Q2 2016 1.1 1.3
1:30pm US Personal Consumption q-o-q% Q2 2016 4.4 3.0
1:30pm US GDP Price Index q-o-q% Q2 2016 2.3 2.3
1:30pm US Core PCE q-o-q% Q2 2016 1.8
1:30pm US Initial Jobless Claims Thousands 24th September 252.0
1:30pm US Continuing Claims Thousands 17th September 2,113.0
3:00pm US Pending Home Sales m-o-m% August 1.3 -0.1
3:00pm US Pending Home Sales NSA y-o-y% August -2.2
Friday 30th September        
0:01am UK GfK Consumer Confidence Index September -7.0 -4.0
0:01am UK Lloyds Business Barometer Index September 16.0
9:30am UK GDP q-o-q% Q2 2016 0.6 0.6
9:30am UK GDP y-o-y% Q2 2016 2.2 2.2
9:30am UK Current Account Balance £bn Q2 2016 -32.6 -31.0
9:30am UK Index of Services m-o-m% July 0.2 0.2
9:30am UK Index of Services 3m/3m% July 0.5
9:30am UK Total Business Investment q-o-q% Q2 2016 0.5 0.5
9:30am UK Total Business Investment y-o-y% Q2 2016 -0.8
10:00am Eurozone Unemployment Rate % August 10.1 10.0
10:00am Eurozone CPI Estimate y-o-y% September
10:00am Eurozone CPI Core y-o-y% September 0.8 0.8
1:30pm US Personal Income m-o-m% August 0.4 0.2
1:30pm US Personal Spending m-o-m% August 0.3 0.2
1:30pm US Real Personal Spending m-o-m% August 0.3 -0.1
1:30pm US PCE Deflator m-o-m% August 0.0 0.2
1:30pm US PCE Deflator y-o-y% August 0.8 0.9
1:30pm US PCE Core m-o-m% August 0.1 0.2
1:30pm US PCE Core y-o-y% August 1.6 1.7
2:45pm US Chicago Purchasing Manager Index September 51.5 53.0
3:00pm US U. of Mich. Sentiment Index September 89.8 90.1
3:00pm US U. of Mich. Current Conditions Index September 103.5
3:00pm US U. of Mich. Expectations Index September 81.1
3:00pm US U. of Mich. 1 Yr Inflation Index September 2.3
3:00pm US U. of Mich. 5-10 Yr Inflation Index September 2.5
Germany Retail Sales m-o-m% August 0.6 -0.5
Germany Retail Sales y-o-y% August -1.5 1.7
UK Nationwide House Px NSA y-o-y% September 5.6 5.0
UK Nationwide House PX m-o-m% September 0.6 0.3
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