Forward Diary: 15th – 19th August 2016

Companies reporting


Mkt. Cap. (£)




Expected sales (£)

Expected EPS (p)

Monday 15th August
9:00am Bovis Homes 1.1bn BVS.L Consumer Discretionary H1 2016 412.0m 41.70
Tuesday 16th August
9:00am Cairn Energy 1.1bn CNE.L Energy H1 2016 US$(0.06)
9:00am John Wood WG/.L H1 2016 US$2.6bn US$0.28
9:30am Antofagasta 5.1bn ANTO.L Materials H1 2016 US$1.4bn US$0.04
2:30pm Hochschild Mining 1.5bn HOC.L Materials H1 2016 US$0.08
BHP Billiton 60.4bn BLT.L Materials FY 2016 US$30.9bn US$0.23
Wednesday 17th August
7:00am Admiral 6.3bn ADM.L Financials H1 2016 261.5m 54.39
7:00am Gem Diamonds 174.6m GEMD.L Materials H1 2016 US$112.0m US$0.10
9:00am Balfour Beatty 1.6bn BBY.L Materials H1 2016
Thursday 18th August
7:00am KAZ Minerals 709.8m KAZ.L Materials H1 2016 US$305.0m US$(0.02)
Kingfisher 7.9bn KGF.L Consumer Discretionary Q2 2016 2.9bn
Premier Oil 325.6m PMO.L Energy H1 2016 US$394.2m US$(0.09)
Rank 818.9m RNK.L Consumer Discretionary FY 2016 756.5m 15.60
Evraz 2.4bn EVR.L Materials H1 2016 US$3.6bn US$0.04
Friday 19th August

Economic releases








Monday 15th August
0:01am UK Rightmove House Prices m-o-m% August -0.9
0:01am UK Rightmove House Prices y-o-y% August 4.5
1:30pm US Empire Manufacturing Index August 0.6 2.0
3:00pm US NAHB Housing Market Index Index August 59.0 60.0
9:00pm US Total Net TIC Flows US$bn June -11.0
9:00pm US Net Long-term TIC Flows US$bn June 41.1
Tuesday 16th August
9:30am UK CPI m-o-m% July 0.2 -0.1
9:30am UK CPI y-o-y% July 0.5 0.5
9:30am UK CPI Core y-o-y% July 1.4 1.3
9:30am UK Retail Price Index Index July 263.1 262.9
9:30am UK RPI m-o-m% July 0.4 -0.1
9:30am UK RPI y-o-y% July 1.6 1.7
9:30am UK RPI Ex Mort Int.Payments y-o-y% July 1.7 1.7
9:30am UK PPI Input NSA m-o-m% July 1.8 0.5
9:30am UK PPI Input NSA y-o-y% July -0.5 1.4
9:30am UK PPI Output NSA m-o-m% July 0.2 0.3
9:30am UK PPI Output NSA y-o-y% July -0.4 0.1
9:30am UK PPI Output Core NSA m-o-m% July 0.1 0.1
9:30am UK PPI Output Core NSA y-o-y% July 0.7 0.8
9:30am UK House Price Index y-o-y% June 8.1
10:00am Eurozone Trade Balance SA €bn June 24.5
10:00am Eurozone Trade Balance NSA €bn June 24.6
10:00am Germany ZEW Survey Current Situation Index August 49.8
10:00am Germany ZEW Survey Expectations Index August -6.8
10:00am Eurozone ZEW Survey Expectations Index August -14.7
1:30pm US Housing Starts Thousands July 1,189.0 1,176.0
1:30pm US Housing Starts m-o-m% July 4.8 -1.1
1:30pm US Building Permits Thousands July 1,153.0 1,160.0
1:30pm US Building Permits m-o-m% July 1.5 0.6
1:30pm US CPI m-o-m% July 0.2 0.0
1:30pm US CPI Ex Food and Energy m-o-m% July 0.2 0.2
1:30pm US CPI y-o-y% July 1.0 0.9
1:30pm US CPI Ex Food and Energy y-o-y% July 2.3 2.3
1:30pm US CPI Index NSA Index July 241.0 240.8
1:30pm US CPI Core Index SA Index July 247.4 247.8
1:30pm US Real Avg Weekly Earnings y-o-y% July 1.2
2:15pm US Industrial Production m-o-m% July 0.6 0.2
2:15pm US Capacity Utilization % July 75.4 75.6
2:15pm US Manufacturing (SIC) Production % July 0.4 0.2
Wednesday 17th August
9:30am UK Claimant Count Rate % July 2.2 2.2
9:30am UK Jobless Claims Change Thousands July 0.4 5.0
9:30am UK Average Weekly Earnings 3m/yr% June 2.3 2.5
9:30am UK Weekly Earnings ex-Bonus 3m/yr% June 2.2 2.3
9:30am UK ILO Unemployment Rate 3m% June 4.9 4.9
9:30am UK Employment Change 3m/3m% June 176.0 158.0
12:00pm US MBA Mortgage Applications w-o-w% 12th August 7.1
7:00pm US U.S. Fed Releases Minutes from July 26-27 FOMC Meeting
7:00pm US FOMC Meeting Minutes 27th July
Thursday 18th August
9:00am Eurozone ECB Current Account SA €bn June 30.8
9:00am Eurozone Current Account NSA €bn June 15.4
9:30am UK Retail Sales Ex Auto Fuel m-o-m% July -0.9 0.3
9:30am UK Retail Sales Ex Auto Fuel y-o-y% July 3.9 3.6
9:30am UK Retail Sales Inc Auto Fuel m-o-m% July -0.9 0.2
9:30am UK Retail Sales Inc Auto Fuel y-o-y% July 4.3 4.2
10:00am Eurozone Construction Output m-o-m% June -0.5
10:00am Eurozone Construction Output y-o-y% June -0.8
10:00am Eurozone CPI m-o-m% July 0.2
10:00am Eurozone CPI y-o-y% July 0.1
10:00am Eurozone CPI Core y-o-y% July 0.9
12:30pm Eurozone ECB account of the monetary policy meeting
1:30pm US Initial Jobless Claims Thousands 13th August 266.0
1:30pm US Continuing Claims Thousands 6th August 2,155.0
1:30pm US Philadelphia Fed Business Outlook Index August -2.9 1.3
3:00pm US Leading Index Index July 0.3 0.3
Friday 19th August
7:00am Germany PPI m-o-m% July 0.4
7:00am Germany PPI y-o-y% July -2.2
9:30am UK Public Finances £bn July 14.9
9:30am UK Central Government NCR £bn July 20.0
9:30am UK Public Sector Net Borrowing £bn July 7.3 -2.4
9:30am UK PSNB ex Banking Groups £bn July 7.8 -1.9
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