Human infertility is a critical but much neglected aspect of reproductive health. The World Health Organisation estimated in 2010 that 48.5 million couples worldwide were unable to conceive after five years of trying. It identifies a highly motivated target consumer group.

Recognising that global access to reproductive health has been defined as one of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, Concepta is now uniquely able to provide women with an alternative means of assessment. MyLotus technology differentiates itself by collecting both quantitative and qualitative measurement of a woman’s personal hCG and LH hormone levels in urine, with a view to improving the probability of natural conception.

The product is market ready – launching in China during Q4’2016, with EU regulatory approval expected to follow in 2017. The global opportunity addressed by Concepta is estimated to be worth as much as US$2 billion. Beyond which, its technology platform opens a much wider opportunity for personalised monitoring and self-diagnosis. Beaufort has completed a valuation of Concepta using both DCF and peer group assessments. These provide an average valuation of £28.4 million for the Group, which equates to a price target of 26.0p/share. SPECULATIVE BUY – 06/10/2016

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