On Thursday, 2nd October 2014 Beaufort Securities hosted an investor evening in Bristol with presentations made by the following companies:

Downloadable PDF documents of each of the company’s accompanying slideshows presented on the night can be found below.

Ilika (IKA)

Presenting: Graeme Purdy, CEO
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Company Profile:
Ilika accelerates the development of new materials for energy and electronics applications through the use of its patented, high throughput techniques. Ilika’s technology enables functional materials to be made, characterised and tested up to 100 times faster than traditional techniques.

lika’s primary commercialisation strategy is to enter into joint development and licensing agreements with large multinational companies seeking to commercialise products developed using the intellectual property created through jointly funded programmes. The company focuses its efforts on those industrial partnerships where a consumer need has been identified and an addressable market in excess of $1 billion is expected to exist. Ilika aims to exploit the huge opportunities unlocked by having its materials integrated into market-leading commercial products sold worldwide. Commercialisation partners include large blue-chip multinational companies in the energy and electronics sectors such as Toyota, Murata and Applied Materials.

Ilika is perhaps best known for the development of solid state batteries, designed to be used to power wireless sensor networks for the so-called “Internet of Things”.

Tiziana Life Sciences (TILS)

Presenting: Phil Boyd, Chief Financial Officer
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Company Profile:
Tiziana Life Sciences, which joined AIM on 24 April 2014, is a UK biotechnology company, focussed on developing novel therapeutics for metastatic cancers. The vast majority of deaths from cancer results from the spread of tumours to vital organs such as liver, brains and lungs, known as metastasis. In the UK, up to 12,000 patients a year develop metastatic disease, often several years after their initial diagnosis of a breast lump. The research team at Cardiff University’s European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute has identified the B-cell Lymphoma 3 gene (Bcl-3) plays a critical role in development of metastatic breast cancer. In tests on mice, it showed that suppressing Bcl-3 reduced the spread of cancer by more than 80%. Current tests have identified certain compounds that inhibit Bcl-3. Under the current development programme, clinical trials expected to start around 2017. TLS has the exclusive worldwide licence to the intellectual property rights and know-how developed by the research team.

Haydale Graphene Industries (HAYD)

Presenting: Ray Gibbs, CEO
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Company Profile:
Haydale has developed a proprietary scalable plasma process to functionalise graphene and other nano materials. Functionalisation, which involves the addition of chemical groups or radicals to enhance the dispersion into another material to promote bonding, is the key to commercialising materials such as graphene. Graphene is inherently inert and is difficult to mix uniformly with other materials. Haydale’s technology process provides a rapid and cost-efficient method of highly tailored functionalisation of graphenes to enhance applications for both raw material suppliers and product manufacturers. Since its debut to AIM on 14 April 2014, Haydale has announced agreements for collaboration (with Swansea University for new areas such as 3D printing), marketing (with PlanarTech and Inventures to increase Haydale’s market presence in, respectively, Asia Pacific and the USA), and distribution (with Goodfellow, a premier global distributor of advanced materials, which will increase Haydale’s presence across the global R&D; market). Haydale’s technology process has also received accreditation by The Aerospace Corporation, a body which operates a federally funded research and development centre for the US Air Force and the national Reconnaissance Office and support all national security space programs.

Collagen Solutions (COS)

Presenting: Dr Stewart White, CEO
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Company Profile:
Collagen Solutions is a development and manufacturer of medical grade components for use in regenerative medicine, medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics.

Collagen Solutions PLC was admitted to AIM on 2nd January 2014 via a reverse takeover into Healthcare Investment Opportunities PLC (HIO) following the acquisitions of Collbio Limited, based in Glasgow, and Collagen Solutions LLC, based in San Jose, California. HIO came to AIM in April 2013 as an investment company to identify investment opportunities within small and medium size unquoted healthcare businesses in the UK. HIO is led by David Evans, who has a strong track record in investing in healthcare sector.

The new enlarged Collagen Solutions PLC (COS) combines the research and development capabilities of Collagen Solutions LLC with the manufacturing asset base and expertise of Collbio, with immediate sales in Europe and US. The estimated value of global biomaterials market is predicted to reach US$64.7 billion by 2015. A significant part of this market already comprises collagen-based products with decades of precedent use. COS provides a suite of collagen formulation products for use across a range of applications, such as wound care, tissue scaffolds, bone grafts, haemostats, vascular grafts, diagnostics and as reagents in research applications, with sales in Europe and US.