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Advisory Broking

How much is your advisory commission?

Click here to see full details of details of our Advisory Broking Account Rates and Charges

How do I open an account?

Simply complete the online application form on the site and we will then process your application, taking just a few minutes to complete. We use an identity checking tool which references the Electoral Roll, BT telephone list and other databases to confirm your identity to satisfy the UK’s Money Laundering regulations.

We would only need to ask for documentary proof of identity if we are unable to verify your identity via a credit search.

If you pass the on-line identity check, an account number is confirmed immediately to you. If you fail the identity check we simply ask you to send documents proving your identity and this takes a few days to confirm account details to you.

If you need any help completing the application form, please call 020 7382 8384 for assistance from a member of our New Account team.

To apply for an account please click here.

Do I have to have money on account to trade?

We can offer an immediate trading facility limit up to £5,000 to start you off with us without any cash or stock with us and then after that limits of lending by negotiation with your broker based on any cash or stock held with us.

What extra services will I get?

As an advisory client you are allocated your own individual broker and access to them via their direct line.

Additionally, as an advisory clients we offer you the chance to participate in principal dealing on small caps at better than best execution prices.

Why do I have to send in ID documentation?

All financial services providers are required by UK and EU rules and regulations to identify each person that opens an account. Our online application form does this electronically and over 80% of applicants are successfully identified without the need to send in hard copy, paper documentation.

If we cannot locate you electronically or if you open an account using a paper application we will need identification forms from you to allow us to open an account for you.

Can I access my advisory portfolio on-line?

You can access your portfolio online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To set-up your online account login details now, please click here to be directed to our secure client portfolio website.

Simply click on the ‘Give me access to my account online’ button and follow the onscreen instructions to establish you online login details.

Can you provide regular email updates on stocks/markets/economic trends etc.?

Yes, we provide a free daily email Breakfast Today, which is also published on our site under the ‘Daily Update’ section.

To subscribe to our daily Breakfast Today please register now.

What is your conflicts policy?

Beaufort Securities has implemented a Conflicts Management Policy in respect of its Investment Research to ensure our standards are consistent with that required by our regulator the Financial Conduct Authority, whose website is:

The Board of Beaufort Securities is responsible for ensuring that its systems, controls and procedures are able to identify, manage and control the potential conflicts of interest that may arise.

Our procedures and rules provide the backbone of Beaufort Securities’ approach to your business with us.

You are the lifeblood of our business and it is our aim that we provide you with the best service we can so that you continue to do business with us and we are continually striving to improve our services for your benefit.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

If you are unhappy with our service we hope that you will contact us and we will try to put this right.

However if we are unable to satisfy your concern we have a rigorous, independent Complaints procedure that commits us to treating you fairly.

If you have a complaint please email [email protected].

I am a novice and not sure that I am receiving the best advice for me.

It is important that we understand your objectives and that we explain to you the risks involved in the market as a whole and within the higher risk areas that Beaufort Securities frequently advises.

If at any time you have a query about the market or recommendations please contact our advisory team on or via email at [email protected].

We operate an independent, rigorous Complaints procedure and are committed to treating you fairly. If you have a complaint, please email [email protected] or call .